Sunrise swim at Fastnet rock lighthouse April 22, 2017

Fastnet Rock, 20Km southwest Baltimore, Cork of was known as Ireland’s teardrop because for millions of immigrants, it was the last piece of Ireland they saw as they sailed to America in search of a new life. It’s a stunning sight in the open ocean and I had the privilege of a sunrise swim there with Stephen Redmond, probably the world’s greatest living open ocean swimmer, first person to complete all seven of the world’s great open ocean swim. It’s…

Searching for the Holy Grail .. Blue whale January 12, 2017

Of all the animals I’ve tried to document in my time, blue whales have been the most difficult, most threatened, most iconic, and probably the most important. Though the largest animals ever to have lived, here’s the total of what we know about them in the north Atlantic: They migrate in spring from somewhere north of the tropics up to Arctic and sub-Arctic waters to feed on krill, i.e. anywhere from Greenland to northern Norway. They return southwards in Autumn….

Waiting for weather and an amazing winter… so far January 9, 2017

We waited all summer for calm sea conditions that never came. September was worse. But in October and November, the Gods of the sea smiled and amazing animals showed up off Clare’s Atlantic coast in rare and beautiful winter light. I’ve spent ten years trying to document whales in Ireland, pulling our boat to all corners of the country through dark winter nights, so it’s been so special to see these animals here in my home place. Some video screen…

Dead dolphins continue to wash up in Ireland August 17, 2016

My good friends at the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group are again reporting very unusual activity of dead whales and dolphins washing up on Ireland’s shore. Since 2012, there has been a huge increase in numbers of dead common dolphins, and even hugely rare beaked whales stranding on the west and north coasts of Ireland and also Scotland. There can be several causes for these, but no one is any doubt that many of them are caused by fisheries, the…

Shooting Olympic diver – Oliver Dingley July 25, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Oliver Dingley for a commercial, he will be shortly be Ireland’s first Olympic diver since 1948. Ollie’s an incredible athlete and a really nice humble bloke as you can hear from his narrative. https://www.facebook.com/oliver.dingley/?fref=ts Directed by Richald Childs from https://www.facebook.com/tinyark/?fref=ts

ATLANTIC – Shooting Underwater with Richie O’Donnell June 3, 2016

I heard the great American folk singer Joan Baez say that documentary film makers are today’s ‘protest singers’. Richie O’Donnell is a film maker who I think Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger would like and respect. ATLANTIC, Richie’s latest documentary film, is not just the culmination of years of dogged work on a shoestring budget, it is one of the most important contemporary documentaries about Ireland, our relationship with the EU and our Euro neighbours and ultimately how…

Trying to save sharks and rays in Ireland May 17, 2016

Tralee Bay, Co. Kerry is a special place. Though I spent the summers of my youth there ‘lost in the sea’, I never knew that stingrays, undulate rays and angel sharks swim here to breed, possibly from as far away as Africa. In 2013 & 14, I spent a lot of time there trying to film these animals for our RTÉ series, IREAND’S OCEAN, but it was close to impossible because their numbers have been decimated. Sadly, the best way…

Banna Strand 1916 March 21, 2016

Banna Strand in Kerry is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been, all the more so for me, as my ancestral home on my father’s side has looked out on it since 1750. It was a wonderful opportunity to shoot a recreation of Roger Casement’s 1916 landing there for RTÉ’s 1916 projects. Despite Roger’s impending internment and likely execution, his first thought on landing at Banna was how beautiful the sky larks sounded.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Casement

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