NORTH ATLANTIC wins Grand Prix Best Film of Festival at Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Feeling very emotional but grateful and delighted for our small but hardy crew of dedicated folk here in Lahinch who make our films.

Ken O'Sullivan with the Grand Prix Award
NORTH ATLANTIC The Dark Ocean has won the ‘GRAND PRIX – Best Film of Festival’ award at one of Europe’s most prestigious wildlife film festivals, the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, beating off some stiff competition including BBC’s Our Frozen Planet.

The judges said:
‘Myths about sea monsters have long shaped our exploitation and maltreatment of marine life. The film that wins the Flamingo Grand Prix 2023 debunks those myths with solid knowledge and, by showing the grandeur and beauty of ocean life, it makes you realize this should be loved and protected.

The film is an epic voyage of discovery. Free-diving along with the filmmaker himself, you actually come face-to-face with a multitude of sea creatures, ranging from sprat, herring, basking sharks to killer whales, common dolphins and fin whales. All lovingly portrayed in with great craftsmanship and years of experience. This engaging filmmaker grabs you and takes you down into the dark waters surrounding Ireland. We – the jury – all held our breath until the end.

The winner of the Flamingo Grand Prix 2023 is …. North Atlantic – The Dark Ocean’

Credits 📷 Marco de Swart

Awardceremonie WFFR, 4 november 2023. Foto Marco De Swart

Awardceremonie WFFR, 4 november 2023. Foto Marco De Swart