Searching for the Holy Grail .. Blue whale January 12, 2017

Of all the animals I’ve tried to document in my time, blue whales have been the most difficult, most threatened, most iconic, and probably the most important. Though the largest animals ever to have lived, here’s the total of what we know about them in the north Atlantic: They migrate in spring from somewhere north of the tropics up to Arctic and sub-Arctic waters to feed on krill, i.e. anywhere from Greenland to northern Norway. They return southwards in Autumn….

Waiting for weather and an amazing winter… so far January 9, 2017

We waited all summer for calm sea conditions that never came. September was worse. But in October and November, the Gods of the sea smiled and amazing animals showed up off Clare’s Atlantic coast in rare and beautiful winter light. I’ve spent ten years trying to document whales in Ireland, pulling our boat to all corners of the country through dark winter nights, so it’s been so special to see these animals here in my home place. Some video screen…

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