ATLANTIC – Shooting Underwater with Richie O’Donnell

I heard the great American folk singer Joan Baez say that documentary film makers are today’s ‘protest singers’. Richie O’Donnell is a film maker who I think Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger would like and respect.

ATLANTIC, Richie’s latest documentary film, is not just the culmination of years of dogged work on a shoestring budget, it is one of the most important contemporary documentaries about Ireland, our relationship with the EU and our Euro neighbours and ultimately how our natural resources have been managed by those men elected by the people to represent them.

Set within ancient coastal communities of Newfoundland, Norway and Ireland, this film tells the stories of how natural resources have been managed and mis-managed. If you get an opportunity to see it, don’t miss it.

I was delighted and privileged to work with Richie as the underwater cameraman on ATLANTIC.