Four years and more in the making, Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC explores North Atlantic waters, much of it for the first time ever, in search of blue whales, sharks and deep water coral reefs down to 3,000 metres deep.

This production was a new way of working whereby it became a partner in the oceanic research collaborating and sharing resources with research scientists resulting in SIX academic research papers, an unprecedented amount for any natural history documentary project.


Here’s what the media critics thought..

Irish Examiner

“Captured the attention of the entire country last night with the first part of the eagerly-awaited documentary series, Ireland’s Deep Atlantic.”

Irish Independent

“… the footage Ken and his crew get of the deep ocean and its inhabitants is extraordinary, up there with anything to be seen in The Blue Planet or any other outstanding nature documentaries, and O’Sullivan’s passion for his subject is both evident and admirable.”

Sunday Business Post

“… the nature documentary was a balm for tired eyes, an appealing vista of some of the most graceful creatures on the planet joyfully surging like huge grey torpedoes through oceans of the purest blue.”

The Times (UK)

“Ken O’Sullivan, the Kerry-born film-maker (:-)) who fronted the series, is a welcome addition to the premier league of natural-born TV naturalists.”

Here’s just a few of the thousands of Tweets:

@JohnMurphyIRL This is the best show @RTE has produced/commisioned in years. Spectacular photography and shows what we take for granted. #irelandsdeepatlantic

Orla Diffily‏ @orladiffily #IrelandsDeepAtlantic – no tweet can adequately describe how absolutely brilliant & overwhelmingly emotional this documentary by Ken O Sullivan on the life in our seas really is. Watch it . Compelling viewing.
Fiona Griffin‏ @Fi_G_ Apr 22 Stunning.
Orla Diffily‏ @orladiffily Apr 22 Mesmerizing – but unsettling too.

#Irelandsdeepatlantic is blowing my f**king mind! By far the best natural history programme about Ireland I’ve ever seen. Worth my whole years licence fee. #rte @rte

#IrelandsDeepAtlantic I am afraid to put the kettle on in case I miss any of this fantastic programme. Well done and thank you

@joancooke5 #IrelandsDeepAtlantic I hope that Ken O’Sullivan and crew win all the awards for this hypnotically beautiful programme.
@AffirmingMe2 Mesmerised by the footage on Ireland’s Deep Atlantic. Congratulations Ken O’Sullivan. Brilliant documentary. Ireland’s answer to Blue Planet! Perfect for Earth Day.

@MilfordNS82 Inspirational stuff from Ken and crew @SeaFever2. 4th Class are in awe of Ireland’s Deep Atlantic. Beautifully shot and poetically told. #irelandsdeepatlantic

@jenoconnell Stunning photography and Ken O’Sullivan is the perfect person to author this. Carried away by his voice, his insights and his passion. #IrelandsDeepAtlantic

Project Details

Running time : 2 x 1 Hour
Director : Ken O’Sullivan / Kev L Smith
Camera : Ken O’Sullivan / Kev L Smith
Editor :
Music :

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int wild film festival finalist 2019
Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC section Wildlife film Festival 2020
Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC Selection International Ocean film Festival 2021
Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC award winner 23rd Underwater film Festival 2019
Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC award winner waimea ocean film Festival
Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC selection Cinemare film Festival 2021
"The Silver Branch" - / - "NORTH ATLANTIC – The Dark Ocean"