The Dark Ocean

Almost three years in production, NORTH ATLANTIC is a hugely ambitious natural history TV series featuring iconic creatures and marine life of the North Atlantic. Presented by Irish underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan, with thoughtful, impactful storytelling showing the lives and troubles of some of our greatest wild animals.

The name Dark Ocean comes from the observations of early Arabic sailors, and co-incidentally Portuguese mariners, who on arriving in our higher ocean latitudes hundreds of years apart, both observed it to be The Dark Ocean.

The series features an original classical music score composed by virtuoso young composer Bradley Ayres and performed by the 52 piece RTÉ Concert Orchestra conducted by Gavin Maloney.

Acquired for global distributed by BBC Studios Worldwide.

BBC studios

Project Details

Running time : 3 x 1 hour and also feature length 90 min.
Director : Ken O’Sullivan
Camera : Ken O’Sullivan / Gavin Gallagher / James Blake / Joao Tudella
Editor : Mary Crumlish
Music : Bradley Ayres

"Ireland's DEEP ATLANTIC" -